April Fools Day

April Fools Day dates back to at least the 1500’s but the exact origin of the day of jokes and pranks could go back even further. But for the sake of storytelling, pull up to your computers, smart phones, and tablets, dear readers, and listen to the true tale of the Scottish Gowk.

During the 18th century, it became popular on April 1st for people to start “hunting the gowk” (or sending people on fool’s errands) until noon and then continue the celebration on April 2nd as Tailie Day. Gowk means Cuckoo Bird and is a symbol for fool. Tailie Day was filled with pranks where people would affix fake tails or “kick me” signs to the bottoms or backs of unsuspecting victims.

Have you ever hunted snipe? Same thing.

All over the world, parents use April 1st as a day to surprise youngsters with harmless but over the top jokes.  Buzz Feed compiled a list of great ideas you can try at home

BeanBoozled Candy Game

And if you want to really get your kids stop by Sweet Candy + Gifts and pick up something that will shock their senses, for example, Toxic Waste, a seriously sour gummy; or BeanBoozled, a game that has such flavors as spoiled milk and dead fish.

Toxic Waste Candy

You could always swap out one of our delicious chocolates with unsweetened baking chocolate… but do reward them with the real thing after, it’s only fair.

We hope your April Fools Day will be full of laughter and great (if not surprising) food.