There are few things we enjoy more than fresh, locally-made treats. We especially love to support and promote our fellow small business owners. We're still trying to convince our outlet clientele that paying more for the good stuff is worth every penny, but folks may be coming around. The more you buy, the better our selection can be! Here's what we're carrying right now. 

  • Izard Chocolate: Nathaniel Izard starts with the cocoa bean and transforms it into the most delicious, top-quality vegan dark chocolate bars in Arkansas. Be sure to check out his shop in Little Rock's Hillcrest neighborhood for truffles and to-die-for caramels, which we don't carry (YET). My favorite so far is the ginger caramel. My mouth waters just typing this.
  • Lambrecht Toffee: Wow. I mean, W.O.W.! These are the buttery toffees the fancy-schmancy Capital Hotel puts on their pillows. I've never tasted a more delicious toffee. We also carry their candied pecans and some other goodies when the season and demand allows. 
  • Wicked Mix: Just know that when you open the bag, you're gonna eat the whole thing in one sitting. From the makers of Sam and Brent's Cookies comes the newest product in snacks. It's basically flavored chex mix, but there's nothing basic about their Chipotle, Original Spicy, and Chocolate mixes. They are Wicked Good, Yo. 
  • Juanita's Brittle: Y'all. If you haven't tried Juanita's famous peanut brittle, you haven't tasted peanut brittle. Made in Arkadelphia since 1974, this is a Christmastime favorite. But there is no reason to limit yourself to the holidays. We carry 1.5-gallon buckets of peanut brittle year-round, and we stock up on the cashew and pecan brittles in November. They sell out by Thanksgiving. No, really. I couldn't get any more to sell so we ran out before Christmas. We had more Juanita's than Juanita's had. 
  • Patticakes Fudge: A Conway favorite (ours, too!), Patticakes is a spinoff of Stoby's Restaurant, which has been around since 1980. Patti started her "scratch bakery" at their Russellville location in 2006 and then opened a second in Conway behind Stoby's there. It's been going gangbusters ever since. We love it when customers' eyes light up when they see their favorite fudge on the counter. Come give the praline, chocolate mint, peanut butter, M&M, and other flavors a try.